~Korean War Service Medal ~

Awarded to Gunner Peter Johnston
~ July 31 2001 ~


Letter from A S Howieson (for Chief of Defence Force) enclosed with the medal.

Royal permission (by Queen Elizabeth) has been given for New Zealanders who served in Korea during the war to accept and wear this particular medal conferred by the Republic of Korea. The medal is distributed to veterans by the New Zealand Defence Force on behalf of the government of the Republic of Korea.

In the 'Order of wear', the Korean War Service Medal is a foreign award to be worn after all long service awards and Commonwealth honours, i.e. after all New Zealand, British and Commonwealth decorations and medals. If other foreign awards are worn, the Korean War Service Medal will be worn by the date of qualifying service, e.g. before the South Vietnam Campaign Star. No minatures of this medal are available.

You may also be aware that the government has approved a number of measures to ensure appropriate medallic recognition for New Zealanders who have served their country in military operations.

A new medal, the New Zealand Operational Service Medal, will be awarded to recognise service to New Zealand in military operations since 2 September 1945. The medal is a follow-on from the NZ War Service Medal 1939-45. It will be awarded once only to New Zealanders who have performed operational service for an appropriate qualifying time. This medal will be awarded in addition to any other medals received for that operational service. The principle is that the NZ Operational Service Medal will recognise service to New Zealand and the various campaign medals will show where that service was rendered.

New Zealand veterans of service in Korea between 1950 and 1957 will be eligible to receive the NZ Operational Service Medal. The full eligibility criteria are still to be determined, so the Defence Force is not yet seeking applications for the award of the medal, which has to be designed, minted and delivered. It is anticipated it will be at least 12 months before the medal is available.

You will not have to apply for the medal as your service has been confirmed in determining eligibility for the Korean WAr Service Medal. We will forward the NZ Operational Service Medal to you when available. You should however advise us of any change of address in the interim.


The letter sealed and enclosed with the medal from the Korean Government

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