Royal Scots Fusiliers - 1st Battalion leaving Gosport, August 1914

With ANZAC day (25th April) having just passed us in New Zealand it has prompted me to add the military records of a couple of my ancestors.

My Great Grandfather John LEES was born c 1885 in Stranraer, Wigtown, SCOTLAND. His death remains a mystery and he did not emigrate to Wellington, New Zealand with his wife and two sons in 1926 who eventually settled in Christchurch. It appears they did not have a happy marriage, and stories have it that he died in India, although this could be a tale to cover why he did not emigrate to New Zealand with his family.

Whilst in the Army, he was meant to have shot himself in the foot to escape going into action, but his records show that he served a full 12 years with the Royal Scots Fusiliers (11 July 1902-10 July 1914) and no overseas service..just home service and on his 'Statement of Services' form, it shows that on 7 June 1905 he was convicted of using violence to his superior officer and spent 7 weeks (7 June 1905 - 24 July 1905, incarcerated for this. No other misdemeanors were listed.

Love to hear from anyone who may have ideas of where i can go from here. The fellow has disappeared off the face of the Earth! :o(

His Army records are linked below. Click on the small picture to gain the large image.

His description on enlistment

His Statement of his services

His Military History Sheet

His Medical History

His 'Short Service' form

His Medical Sheet


The life of Gunner Peter Johnston ~ My great uncle



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